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Poseidon was married to Amphitrite, by whom he had three children, Triton, Rhode, and Benthesicyme Hes. Music filled the streets, sculptures towered over the city and masterpieces hung on walls everywhere.

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In vengeance, before the Trojan WarPoseidon sent a sea monster to attack Troy. And when Laomedon refused to pay them their rightful wages for building Troy and tending the royal oxen, Apollo visited Laomedon's kingdom with the plague and Poseidon sent a sea-monster to ravage the land.

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He swallows each of his children as his wife Rhea gives birth to them. In any case, the early importance of Poseidon can still be glimpsed in Homer 's Odysseywhere Poseidon rather than Zeus is the major mover of events.

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Schofield Greek natural history C2nd to 3rd A. His most famous exploit is his journey to Hades to retrieve his dead wife, Eurydice. Demeter in her anger abandoned Olympus and came to live on the earth disguised as a crone. Unlike his brother Paris, he faces challenges with great strength and courage. Then Dionysus set about his mission of establishing vine cultivation, with its mysteries and rites, throughout Asia Minor and India. Demeter then revealed herself as the goddess, scolding Metaneira and ordering that a temple be built in her honor at Eleusis. But Anchises could never walk upright again. Sea thiasos depicting the wedding of Poseidon and Amphitrite , from the Altar of Domitius Ahenobarbus in the Field of Mars , bas-relief , Roman Republic , 2nd century BC Poseidon rescued Amymone from a lecherous satyr and then fathered a child, Nauplius , by her. From that time on Aphrodite slept with many. Poseidon similarly cursed the wife of King Minos.

See Article History Poseidon, in Greek religiongod of the sea and of water generallyearthquakes, and horses. Divine intervention in The Iliad and The Odyssey exists to characterize the statuses of the mortals and the gods.

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Moreover, he changed himself into a lion and a bear, which terrified the crew. At one time he courted Thetis, the sea nymph, but he gave her up when he learned that she would bear a son greater than its father. Below are some examples of his attributes as depicted in ancient Greek art:- 1. His name seems to be connected with potos, pontos and potamos, according to which he is the god of the fluid element. In an archaic myth, Poseidon once pursued Demeter. He further crushed the Centaurs when they were pursued by Heracles, under a mountain in Leucosia, the island of the Seirens. Throughout the story, there are many references and adaptations to mythological tales, and each one is portrayed in a different way. Odysseus is the protagonist of Homer's Odyssey. Unlike his brother Paris, he faces challenges with great strength and courage. As prophesied, he kills his grandfather, though unwittingly, by hitting him with a stray discus. She was usually depicted in long robes carrying a bow and quiver, and she was accompanied by a troop of woodland nymphs. In conjunction with Zeus he fought against Cronos and the Titans Apollod. She was a redoubtable fighter and took an active part in the war against the Giants and in the Trojan War.

Although these stories tell us about two great heroes and their journey there are a lot of differences. How is Odysseus a portrait of ideal human figure for the Greeks. In the end he had to tolerate her infidelities. They have both supernatural powers and human weaknesses.

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