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And for the new American republic, having a friendly Spain on its southern border instead of a potentially hostile Britain meant that its hold on the region was now secure.

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Maybe so in New Zealand, but certainly not in Australia. So by early it almost seemed as if these problems between the British authorities and the colonists were going to have negative effects on the war effort.

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The colonists then had to pay an additional import tax on tea, the one Townshend Duty that had not been repealed in Local politics, practices, social customs, religious beliefs, and economic interests had gone so far from the English ways.

Middleton, ;pp. The first of the events to create the spiral effect was the seven year war or the French and Indian War.

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Only Rhode Island and Connecticut continued to operate under their colonial charters, with minor modifications. Blackwell Publishers; Oxford, But, by the beginning of Pitt avoided the worse for England by initiating the third phase of this war and by relaxing, somehow, many of the policies that the Americans were rejecting.

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Next, Spain laid siege to Gibraltar and threatened the British hold on the Mediterranean island of Minorca, further depleting Royal Navy resources. Army Center of Military History. This all started previously before with the first major event being the Navigation Acts of Although Australia upon initial British settlement in began as a penal colony with autocratic rule, agitation for representative government emerged early and was consummated with the Australian Colonies Government Act of A Parliamentary act of abolished slavery throughout Britain and its colonies, effective in , although with an explicit exception for territories controlled by the East India Company. It was foreseeable that the American Revolution took place due to the unfair taxes that the British were giving Americans. In this case, Britain and the American colonies developed great gaps during time, not only religious, economical and finally cultural. The primary features of the new policy were: 1 stationing in North America during peace for the first time a large standing army, numbering never less than 7,; 2 issuing the Proclamation of , drawing a line along the western boundary of the colonies beyond which settlement was prohibited; and 3 imposing taxes to help defray the cost of the army. Greene and J. The American Revolution is one of the most famous events in American history. So, by the middle of the 18th century the French had succeeded in establishing far better and closer relations with most of the Indians than did the British.
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Benefits of the American Revolution: An Exploration of Positive Externalities