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This is allowed, and might seem like a good idea as you look for things to study.

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Clearly there are multiple derivatives and compounds of the F-word, as well as grammatical conversion use in word class other than verb. The task undertaken is appropriate.

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Use your software to give a word count. Your parents have done nothing to deserve such scrutiny! Back to top Language features to look for Lexis - look for distinctive lexicon, such as terms peculiar to political context if any. Back to top Original material should be photocopied or scanned and presented on separate pages or in an appendix. It is now more or less certainly established that, while individuals learn at different rates some are precocious and others late , most learn according to the same schedule. On the other hand, it helps to know what a good one looks like. If so, it seems worth doing, because it helps provide answers to real questions which people repeatedly ask. It seems a shame if you use any of this time looking at things which are wholly familiar, when there is a universe waiting to be explored. Back to top Comparative tasks - a warning Don't put the cart before the horse. I can then devise an investigation that uses appropriate data to give objective evidence that may in turn allow some broad interpretation and conclusion - e. Appendices: Details of speakers and context; transcripts of spoken extracts, using appropriate conventions to show pauses - do not supply punctuation as for written data; acknowledgements. Your investigation must at some point contain objective explanation.

You must also look for evidence of purpose - does the leaflet try to alter your party allegiance, or simply get already committed voters out to cast their vote? Texts can be transcribed where features of graphology, typography etc.

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Usually spotted through the use of personal pronouns, cultural references, informal lexis and grammer choices. It should be one where there is only one significant variable. Back to top You can open the document in your browser window, or save it download to a local drive in your computer. And this work does nothing to raise your mark for the investigation - it's the equivalent of arriving at a room to take an examination - you still have to go in and do the business. Introduction: You need some theoretical model here. These will be studied for examples of lexical and semantic change, for changes in syntax patterns and stylistic features e. This is available as a free download from Adobe Systems Inc. You may, on the other hand, analyse a text against a given language corpus - incidence of occurrence of words among the 1, or 3, or whatever most commonly written or spoken according to a given corpus. It may be helpful to write an abstract outline or synopsis of your investigation as your first paragraph. For some investigations, this may so affect the data as to make it worthless. This is not yet compulsory for all UK exam boards, but you will have to use computer software at university and in your job. The bibliography is appropriate, and the references helpful. You are welcome to adapt these tasks for future use. If time is short, then you cannot afford to gather spoken data - you will almost certainly run into time trouble.

The illusion of making each person feel as if they are being treated as an induvidual. Organization is very impressive. And this work does nothing to raise your mark for the investigation - it's the equivalent of arriving at a room to take an examination - you still have to go in and do the business.

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